Kit has 30 plus years experience in the film and television industry, both in front, alongside and behind the camera. Her experience also has included styling, make-up & hair styling, directing, producing, casting and booking actors, which leads her to knowing exactly what is needed for a professional headshot or portrait image. 

"Spotlight in London have given me great feed back on my work. They are the main directory for performers over there and have around 30,000 people on their books."
"I looked at your site and the photos that fit our head & shoulders criteria are very good - perhaps better than some of the photographers currently submitting pics to Spotlight. Best wishes, David McCarthy - Spotlight"

There is a selection of colour and black and white images here, as some agencies, especially in London, still prefer the simplicity of the black and white representation of an actor.

For actors, Headshots Australia gives you the complete package. The changes in make-up and hair, change in wardrobe, change in light and change in the way you look at the camera, all helps to create a great range of how different you can look, as well as a range of age, which in turn gives you more of a chance for the viewer to fit you into their criteria for the proposed brief.

"By creating such variety, you create interest and attention. Always update your headshot every year, two years at the max! If you have any thoughts or images that you would like to emulate, bring them along to the shoot. I look forward to working with you soon! Cheers, Kit"

Please visit the collections in the following portfolios for more examples. For any further information or bookings, please send your inquiry to

Kit Campbell Gallery now holds Kit's art images and other photography. Headshots Australia is now dedicated to her portrait photography. Jess Conacoplia IMG_5912 8x10.jpgAnthony Thomas IMG_1444 5x7 email.jpgSonia Ball IMG_0557 8x10 titled email.jpgJim Bostock_MG_4991 5x7 email.jpgPaul Hodge_MG_4798 8x10 email.jpg_MG_2646 Lillian Harrington.jpgIMG_7726 Ian Hodson.jpgCatherine Miller IMG_1879 final.jpgAlex Valentine_MG_3704 5x7 email.jpgCraig Leaney_MG_3176 5x7 email.jpgDG 3DG 2Emma PurseySally McKenzieTye ShepherdImogen HopperEgo 49Ego 7Ego 4Ego 5Ego 6Ego 9Ego 9Ego 10Ego 11Ego 20Ego 12Ego 22Ego 13Ego 14Ego 15Ego 16Ego 18Ego 28Ego 19Ego 21Ego 23Ego 33Ego 24Ego 25Ego 26Ego 30Ego 27Ego 29Ego 31Ego 32Ego 36Ego 34Ego 37Ego 42Ego 38Ego 39Ego 40Ego 44Ego 43Ego 45Ego 46Ego 47Ego 48Ego 41