With the correct photographic make-up & hair, a professional look is achieved. Photoshop creates a 'print ready' image, with light used to enhance certain areas on the skin and cloning to remove any non-permanent marks or blemishes. Wrinkles are left, they are just well lit! For some clients, photoshop is taken further as per the clients requirements :)

Jess Cloete five shot folio.jpgFolio duo 4 small.jpgSonia Ball trio folio.jpgFolio duo 10 small.jpgFolio trio 8 small.jpgFolio duo 3 small.jpgPolita trio for befores and afters? folio.jpgFolio duo 7 small.jpgFolio duo 5 small.jpgFolio duo 6 small.jpgDanielle Prince five shot folio.jpgFolio duo 2 small.jpgAnthony Thomas before & after.jpgFolio duo 8 small.jpgFolio duo 9 small.jpgJesse Richardson four shot folio.jpg