Creating diversity in a portfolio representation for a man happens slightly differently, as hair and make-up changes are not altered too much, although beards shaved and hair cut can make huge differences. 

Lighting, backgrounds and outfits all help to do this too, but mostly it is a directed change I suggest in the mind to create the emotion that comes out through the eyes.

I love this challenge! And I also love the fact that I have this ability to create these changes for my clients. Trent 2TrentMoretonTye Shepherd 2moreton 2Gareth 1Gareth 3Gareth suit 1Gareth suit 2Gareth suit 3Gareth Body 1Darrington 1Darrington 2Darrington 3Cillian 1Ashley 1Ashley 3Ashley 5Daniel 1Daniel 2Daniel 3Daniel 4Paul H1Paul H2Paul H3BartBart H 2DamienDamien A 1Damien A 2TroyCameronCameronCameronwarren 1Peter CookGeoffrey PalmerSir Denholm ElliottSir Denholm Eliott 2Torquil Campbell - my father - 1985